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The New Yborecum

Friday, August 10, 2018

6:26AM - A symbol of presence

93 7

The crazy and the rich conjoin. It is all
very costly. The east is sunken in specialties.

The waves of the seas will soon have you
back for reed. The school tie and uniform
will bring some homogeny into this. It
is by virtue of the discipline that some
structure is. The lust of the kingdom was
the bliss of the living in beauty of the
magical vision. Yeah and the writing,
it is well. Surely, new insights into
the system of metaphors will come from
the analysis of the poesy. It is a good
way by illustration of example. Lust!

Since a decade is work now and the hope
of Romanticism is strong.

93 7



Current mood: loved

Thursday, August 9, 2018

7:39AM - Holiness in wickedness of the passage

93 7

But be insatiable in the gloom of weeping.

The big deals will make the day. Continue
with the poesy for true insight into the
mind. The wise ones knew beforehand. It is
well in the path and the complaints are
mere moaning before perfection. Thus is the
lust of flame in the bliss of the living
by the philosophy on Agla. Yeah and the
pyramid of the home: It shall have program
and scheme for the wellfare. On the light
of dawn follows the blazing sphere.

93 7



Current mood: uncomfortable

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

7:32AM - Mad and tragic

93 7

What summer of joy. What dawn. In the
dark clouds descry omen of things to
come, of mood. In the projections is no
truth. Not even the magic is of help.

The relations are random. The universe
is accidence. But heed not the storm.
The lust had glory for the bliss of the
living in the philosophy by power.
It is the defeat of flesh over soul.

All that is very elaborate, but it
has no origin. Whence? Where? Oh
but it is pointless- Call on the
existentialists... Love the eye on
all in the surveying. Lighten
the eyes..

93 7



Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

7:32AM - Secrets at hand

93 7

But follow far on thy way of the sun.
In the miraculous colour no divorce
from middle class life. In the strife
also praise. The sanctions will take
hold soon and another swoon will be.

In Hedonism of the philosophy that
bliss of the living. The victory had
power in the hour. It is the spark
in the heart whence thy mauve scintillation
from the great ones in the night of time.

The chaos and confusion are due to the
ignorance and imbecility. Let more
enlightenment be by the solar energy.
From the ruddy moon was message in
the coming of the master.

93 7




Current mood: bored

Monday, August 6, 2018

5:36PM - Health and wealth to be all-holy

93 7

At once, before the hour strikes.
Go thy way in the pageant. Rest
in the repose. The presidents
are puppets of the masters pulling.

Controversy and conspiracy are
in the aspiration. Lady Liberty
meets suppression. More representation

93 7






Current mood: nauseated

7:24AM - Perfect essence in the abyss of the deep

93 7

Strange prophecies of the sword are in the web.
Pursue the path of the ruddy moon. Watch your
back and purse. Note this. Take action. Heed.

Though loved, is love unknown. Within those bonds
of sophistry: reason thy span. It is good though.

In the ligth won, some insight. With the lust
of beauty, the bliss of the living in the
philosophy of the tradition. We will take
strategic political action.

93 7






Current mood: touched

Sunday, August 5, 2018

8:11AM - The intelligent uniting

93 7

But figure out the subject matter of thy
speaking. In the words and terms is much
wisdom for demonstration of the mindframe
in the world view. Sure as the path is,
so also is sunrise in the cyclical continuum.

Thy fortune be with that also. Hope for
the coming weeks in elucidation of thy
questions. Raise the concerns. In the
lust was might for the bliss of the living
as the glory of philosophy was shown thee.

It is a glory ineffable in being without
posession, carefree from spleen. But with
the winds gathering all this is carried
away. Beyond that the coming to terms in
the absent mindedness. Praise the beauty
of thy thought.

93 7



Current mood: mischievous

Saturday, August 4, 2018

7:42AM - The foundation of matter

93 7

Burning up slowly in the Romance, that
view of the world. The jolly good day
yesterday enlivened and showed the true
side of things. I must proceed in the
elaboration, keeping to the rigid
strucutres in the self-imposed constraint.

With the hard-disc, danger of bumping.

Wish me well that the monasteries keep
up and help with the questions for the
path work. In the lust is grace and
triumph for the bliss of the living in
the philosophy of the devotion of force.

Devote! On life's calm lake watch the
sun go down. Plan the project and take
the thought for beauty in all. When there
is no narrative for history, there are
myths and fairies.

93 7




Current mood: determined

Thursday, August 2, 2018

7:27AM - The host of the star of love and the goddess

93 7

But I had to tell about the idols. Beyond the
glossing no work, no coordination, no effort.

Make way. Give thy gold of ideas to the pauper
for enriching the world. Make sure of the next
steps by thy plan. It takes some time. More and
more things unearth from the interplay of parts.

The lust of wisdom was among the bliss of the
living. In the philosophy of life was joy.

Ah and the marvellous riddles to keep you interested.

Surely, the work has some twinkles.

93 7



Current mood: refreshed

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

7:25AM - Strength of the wheel

93 7

But the poisoned body of humanity has masters
of clans... Make way in the pageant, progress
by the studies of German in the manner ineffable
by the words of the scribe. Let be no tears
upon the adjustment. Science and beauty are to
thy aid. In the lust of the unity, that bliss
of the living for the philosophy in hatred and
love to thy wisdom. With the esteem much pride.

Become brick-layer in the metaphysics of the
house of nations with the Ail.

93 7







Current mood: morose

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

7:38AM - A wanderer in love

93 7

But waiting for beauty to return, the many
changes in the justice system. The day is well
in the outset and much labour later on in
the course of day. I miss the Romantic hours
of carelessness when one with things...

The glory of the God is the bliss of the
living and the philosophy since Babylon.

Make way in thy pageant for esteem in
the pride. The shadows mind not. The
conceptions on darkness are wrong.

Adjustment be in the god of very god.

The butterfly network had explanation
of the dream in the African visions
of men.

93 7






Current mood: intimidated

Monday, July 30, 2018

6:44AM - Heaven of the beloved

93 7

But keeping secrets is mysterious. To be
betrayed is hurtful. More humanism to the
codes of conduct. In the waking of the
dawn stirrs the nativity. I have good folks
about and the company is merry and glad.

Make thy way in the times at the dawn of a
new beginning. The frame and setting are
good for an outset. The fresh air will
disperse the atmosfear. The glory of
justice was the bliss of the living.

In the beauty was the dawn of the falsehood
and lies. The highest soul can compensate.

Be insatiable but not aimless. Turn the
chaos into cosmos and see that faults are
introduced into the picture of perfect life.

To plunge forward on the headlong path is
the deadness of the punk and garb. The people
of the book will forgive with quotations
there in the outback of the outermost
confines of the mind. By the uncertainty
principle thy cat was a lynx.

93 7






Current mood: full

Sunday, July 29, 2018

7:49AM - Vital and full of life

93 7

But the queer eye is on society. Oddities
prevail. Dubious as the doubts in godhead
are, reasons and causes abound. Make thy
way in the path. Accept all for realism.

It is change in civil society. The land
called and the silence fades for speech
of wisdom. Learn the ways. Finish also
the learning. The glory of idols had
the bliss of the living in the victory
of the delights after surge of storms.

Oh could you but discern words from
deeds. You are belied with the chaos
theories. The butterfly network must
solve it. Solve also the interdependence.

Abominable and wicked is the loneliness
ín the recess of the worlds. Love also
that speech.

93 7



Current mood: good

Saturday, July 28, 2018

6:35AM - Vanity and smoke

93 7

But I am in great unison. What ruddy moon
yesterday hanging in the sky. What power-.

In the meta-tweeting much bleeping. Go
thy way in the pylons. The new time will
have much novelty for the country life.

The hot summer has fire and anger. The glory
of power was the bliss of the living in
the beauty of the idols. It is true, life
could not be better. But always is moaning
for some improvement of the crooked ways
of genius. Triumphant as the grace is,
the stream floweth onwards. We are the same.

Some day, we will have better search
engines and offers. On the whole, it is
said to be good till 2030.

93 7




Current mood: groggy

Thursday, July 26, 2018

6:16AM - The laughter of the moon

93 7

But the Mauvais sujet has no mens sana.
More medicine of the social media required.
In the silence of dawn make thy way past
the fog. The northern streams of the profound
flow. The gold of day had the splendour
in the vision of glory. The glory of the vision
was indeed the bliss of the living by he
beauty of the Aud. The chants will cease
with the new day and the music of spheres
will begin. The drumming heart was smart
in the ordeals of judgement. Drink the French
wine for truth of the night as the root
of the times was in the enchanting. The huts
of the hermit are for prayer.- Make sure the
coming of the beetle in the light of the star.

93 7




Current mood: thoughtful

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

7:28AM - Hosts of goodness and holiness

93 4

But abide by the piety of the vision
thereof. In the flavour of love much
love of faith. The swans pass by in
the mountains of mind. It is not that
you know. Wake to the condition. In
the glory of the beast that bliss of
the living for the philosophy of joy
and life. The enchanted rivers yet
flow and pass the reed. Feed on the aeon.

But bitter dregs remain. But existence
is existence. Also it is pure joy.

93 7




Current mood: lethargic

Friday, July 13, 2018

7:14AM - The secret and dark Web

93 7

But do purification after the dancing.

They chance to abide in the bliss.

With the penalities and fines is much
pressure on thee. The poor announce a
new dawn. In the to-do about the Saga,
live the life-. The old times faded for
new moments in history. The glory of love
was in the bliss of the living as the
victory of philosophy was with thee.

That master magician from Italy shall
teach thee Goethe. On the untracked
ways of ocean, no trace by the by-ways.

Only are the gulfs of the horrors of
seers. Pierce the 1000 veils. Encricled
and enchanted, that root of all in all.

93 7






Current mood: giggly

Thursday, July 12, 2018

7:31AM - The ruin of god

93 7

But it is cold and you are hungry.
The night has fallen on things.

With the diverse vectors of the will,
many wisdoms and wishes. Go on the
path in the trajectory. The calls
in the unknown are the horror of
others- In ruin and defeat that is.

The glory at day was the bliss of
the living in the philosophy and
magical vision. The dead will rise
they say.

Wait not. The old times are over.
But anxiety at the uprooting is.
The dawn is unmistakable and the
call has effected word in the

93 7






Current mood: working

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7:16AM - Ecstasy of the sea

93 7

But the waves are the ecstasy of the sea.

Walk in thy way by the legal statutes. With
the work of ancestors much accumulation
for wellfare and progress. The power of
flowers is strong on the way for medcine
from the desire. The words and the deeds
differ. Conflict and division are the effect.

The glory of the luck was bliss of the living
in the philosophy of aud. The reed strong
and the spark bright is some prospect in
the desolation of Barbarians. The end of
time and space shall teach thee the outermost
abyss for communion with the lord. The French
wine had the glory of freedom in all this
heroism. Make sure of thy next step on the
ladder of the supplanter. The yoga will
supplement this. Ginsberg loud and vast
that very word on the people's will. Have
a thought of beauty in all you do.

93 7



Current mood: irritated

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

7:32AM - A wide wanderer in his desire

93 7

But here in thy mould the mystery of change
and the otherness. Estranged couples live
the life in the niche ascribed. Work thy
way through the net and the mesh of the
web. The threads will serve for a plot
on the meaning of life. Mind the omens.

Thy own time has wit and myth enough to
cater for the demand. The glory of the
kingdom had ever been the bliss of the
living in the philosophy's vision of the
gorge. Ignite the spark. Feel the wind
on the reed. The modernist approach had
been questioned and no alternatives have
been put up in the anti-intellectualism.

The old times come to an end. Dream the
dream of the sun in thy desire.

93 7




Current mood: indifferent

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