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The New Yborecum

Thursday, May 24, 2018

7:32AM - The heart and mind

93 7

Debauch and decadence. The day after tomorrow
will see Oriental sunrise.- In the cruel demise
of mother nature, replenish the earth. Have
word in the work on the things impending.
The mending makes crooked the ways of genius.

By the beauty at day bliss of the living
for philosophy in joy of life. The stormwind
over the manger is by the patrons of the country.
Abide with the land for solidarity and fast
stable structures in wisdom of the oceans.

The vision of the gorge has the depths of the
profound shown. The gag of poets will not
hinter thee in drinking the French wine.
You must get across your message by these
sentences and mindframes in the fixed patterns
of box-thinking.

The reed is fast and strong at the seas.

Thy island dreams will improve the mind
and the soul will be serene in the breeze
of salt. Long for the redemption in summer.
It is a victory of the wine and water of
life. Today it is rainy and you cannot help it.

93 7






Current mood: morose

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

7:59AM - In the image of man and priest

93 7

More fate control. Handle. Manage. It is long
since graduation and the way in the world led
to the present waking. In the mediogenesis of
history make progress by the accounts of the
times-. Awake to the condition of the sleeper
by the dream. It is gonna be pricy. The marriages
and births past, also the deaths. Go on,
accumulate thy wisdom. The path is open, the
gates also. New wisdom will float. The birds
will sing the earth song. In the beauty of
dawn, is joy of life and the bliss of the living
is the philosophy of sun and moon. Thy vision
of the gorge has the deep abyss of science
and the spark will enlighten thy lamp. From
the French wine have word on the heart of
Europe. Yeah surely, it is good, it is great.

Apply the structures intelligently to all-.

93 7






Current mood: content

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

3:22PM - On a measure for things

93 7

But man in the temple of the house among many has
the enigma of air. The splendour of glory is with
him by the gods. The magus in the tower of silence had the
reader's digest of the gods in the waking of
Dunedin. In the heart of corruption lilies and
jasmine. Be gentle, O peasantry. Hail ye waters
of wisdom in his beauty.

93 7







Current mood: doom

7:19AM - Folly in the kingdoms of wind

93 7

But wait for the consuming fires. Mind the
momentum. Across the gulf in the passing of time.

Thy vision of the gorge has the deep chasm of the
soul. The reed is strong at the seas. The cry-babies
with the boy will have the strong seer of things.

The law you made for the dukes is thy balance of
account. The hound has watch and ward over the
scheme. Heros do not drink the French wine. Ah
but you must- Lust.

The beauty of the magical vision was the luck and
bliss of life for the philosophy at day.

Work for the work's sake. The fertility gods
lurk among Saxons. Surely the way has rewards,
but you need an open heart and mind. Bless
the mates and friends with you. There are modes
innumerable to promote attainment. The old
times left thee with a spark for a glimmer
of hope in the faith of love. Pursue the path
of Sirius among bricklayers. No less than a
brick led to the freedom in the fraternity
to descry the metaphysics of the abstract.

Lucky you. This will bear thee for a time.

93 7



Current mood: bored

Monday, May 21, 2018

7:36AM - I am thy shield

93 7

But in thy wisdom is no folly. The wine was
for the isolation in the towers. The ages
go by. In the wind all this is unnoticed.

Sad as is throbs and the word of derison.
Go thy way and the path shall show glories.

The war cry of the West affects all of Edom.
The beauty of existence was for the bliss
of living. In the philosophy of the beast
that animal instinct for language. Yeah,
and the work and the way will prove themselves.

As among elves, subtle notions of rapture
of the heart. Be smart, endure for a span.
Man can. Let the spark fly. The reed blow.

The poets say it was a poor show. The
wolf milk for the lunacy has but pale
light in the night. Go on, yet be not
aimless. Stars are upon the country.

93 7





Current mood: moody

Sunday, May 20, 2018

8:05AM - A prosperous course beyond slavery under the red claw

93 7

But you are quite thin. It is nice. The self-image
gives clues to the indulgence. Welcome the morning
and the heralds thereof. Time goes by and the ticking
clocks close in. Visions as then for now. The spark
has ignited thine enthusiasm for vision of the sun
in the gorge. The beauty of the wheel of the heavens
is for bliss of the living by the philosophy of the
face of your god. Today is goodman death. The restless
are without peace of mind. Have word with men as the
cities open the gates. Surely, the bliss of love will
fill the heart with joy for splendour of the glory.

It is not that you know. The unconscious also is a way.
Choose both for wisdom of the house. There cannot
be two vectors in one body. Shoot thy arrow for aim
in life. The metaphorical illumination will continue
and the optics will open the eye. The arm chair philosophers
do no work in these sword times of lovers in view
of PAris and French wine. The truth of the night
beast came dancingly.

93 7





93 7

Current mood: cold

Saturday, May 19, 2018

7:09AM - O Father

93 7

But my heart is a ghost-town since the death of the father.
On the typographogenesis is science for new and better
books in the endless story. On my plan is adjustment.

The kingdom had moments of beauty for the eye to see
the wonders. Light and love this gave. Remember the
vow of the iron ring in the marriage feast. The tell
tale had notions of reminders. My visual editor will
see the details. From the sparks of light glory for
the stormwind-. The richness in structure will do
the rest. Do not paint the town red. It is the music
of the spheres that shrills in the ears. Coptic has
big advantages. Critical Adorno has severe words
on the consequences entailed. But who cares. The
heart is a ghost town. The cities are bigger still.-

But let the reed be strong in the wind against
the waves of the mighty seas when the tide is high.

93 7





Current mood: relieved

Friday, May 18, 2018

7:19AM - Moody in retribution

93 7

But the early riser is the bird to catch
the worm of lust and grace. Time is the
great healer. Physician heal yourself.
Waking to the conditions of existence,
high-minded words for the description,
also loftiness of style. The oreole
speaks. In the warble some garb for the
well-fare office. Mind the dust and the
gold. The truth will be sold. In the
beauty of dawn, the hatred from waking.

The sleep disturbance is but the bliss
of the living and the philosophy thy
Gi and unity for love. Live the life.
The hidden place had word on the
conspiracy. From the paps wolf milk
under the pale moon of willows.

Nay but not therewith is he content.

The sparkling of the French wine is
indeed a favour of Ganymed. Medcine
also got clues to the path. Raise the
twin serpents for wisdom. Coptic will
bring reason to the Gypsy song of law.

It is some tough stance for the hard

93 7





Current mood: devious

Thursday, May 17, 2018

7:36AM - Revelation of stars

93 7

But do art for grace. Violence is upon the beauty.
With the storms, spells of bad weather. In the
thunder and lightning oracle for truth of the
horn. The flying sparks of light left joyous
sentiments of hope in the heart. Go on, the
path is plain. The marriage feast has great
consummation. Keep the faith. The beauty in
the desire is with the luck of the living.

The philosophy brings adjustment. But the
red claw from the long arm of earth kings
will have the point of view on the bread
and salt. The riot in the vault is not
thy fault. Yet bear the iniquity.

93 7






Current mood: bouncy

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

7:23AM - Service of god in the tabernacle

93 7

At the end of time and space, thy day
for hours in the luck. With the beauty
of the thought of god those cordial in
the heart. The splendour was the wisdom
in the luck of the living-. The mothers
had the grace from lust of war in the
vision of the sun. In thy beauty, that
luck of the living for the philosophy
in the luck. But medicine defies the
free-lancing. From the paupers no
gold of day. The years waiting in
spending pass. Raise thy horn to the
sparks and climb by the curl. From the
virility that sign of manhood in the
dream of muses. Dance ye princes.

93 7



Current mood: exanimate

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

6:55AM - simple in mockeries

93 7

Surrounded by the paradox much controversy.
The lust and art of the kingdom shall show the
point in case. Sorrow and horror mix with
mixed feelings. The consent of the governed
is the will of the people. But thou art alone,
on thy way and the sidewalk had but the
short moment to reveal the innermost. The
beauty of splendour was with the luck of the
living but the beauty needs the ruby of the
lover for term time. Aghast at the words,
also artificial repose for work in the labour.

Tears over the lust shed. The father is gone
and the authority remains. The old times cease
and the measure of sliding sand will reveal
the spirit of the times. The big cities have
the word. My cyberwatch in the vision of the
gorge is but the view of the vault of heaven
and the segmented skies for horoscopes. The
heart pure is the determination to subsist.

Carry on in the raving even as the old men.
The boyhood has beauty in the sparks of the
splendour of glory on the glittering waves
of brine on the crystal sea. Drink the French
wine poured with the sunset. At the cross-road
open the gates of the portals to the sun.

93 7



Current mood: flirty

Monday, May 14, 2018

7:35AM - Drawn the swords in white orbs

93 7

Time for lust in art of science- With man that lightning
for fecundity in the holy of holies as was the scent of night
on the path. Wander lonely and afar. Be close and near.
In the fear of the world are shaken the foundations.

No man has read the whole. With the psychoanalysis progress
in the airy clouds and the building thereof. Spread
out the carpet. The beauty had gold by the luck of the
living in the life and philosophy of idols was. Idle,
yet the vanity of the markets to deal with.

Adorable is thy solution to the spirit of the times-.
But the core is hidden from them all for quest and
the hunters and men of the forest hear the wind on this.

Kiss the bliss by will for wisdom. I shall be with thee
all way. That's all for the cyberwatch in thy sociometrics
in the psyberwars of the aeon's lust of strength...

93 7



Current mood: dirty

Sunday, May 13, 2018

7:34AM - Hewn stones and royal dress

93 7

But care not about the sorrows of man, that the dream
were real or irrational. The night also comes to an end.
There is but the dawn to the waking at the moment and
the silence and beauty. In the proscriptions and the
persecutions of the threads of life, these topics.

It is the passion of the light whereby is god. Chew
the tongue for instince and language. The bull fights
have beauty and power. The beauty of love was with
the luck of the living in the hatred and sickness
as the philosophy and desire of the beast were in
the night for truth of the soul. Dance, dance to the
lord our God. Hua is Hua. The vision of the gorge
has pleasure by the light and sparks for hope in
the morrow. With some, hope died last.

93 7




Current mood: content

Saturday, May 12, 2018

6:59AM - Gold of the planets

93 7

But make thy way in the pageant. Thou art
well-equipped with the word and the papers-
The reading will improve the mind and the
world knowledge will enhance thy scope.-

In the beauty of the year much travail
over long-term issues. The luck of the
living was the beauty of the moon and
sun. Never give up. You must survive.

The cities are cold and anonymous.
The thorps are ridiculed as aback.

What to make of it? Be enlightened
by the sparks of light in the vision
of the gorge and vault. At the time,
the great depression caused a lot
of insecurity in the international
community. Watch out for now...

93 7




Current mood: sleepy

Friday, May 11, 2018

7:09AM - Upon the hill the leader of the work

93 7

But believe, you must believe, we depart.
There has got to be a reason to exist in this
exit to O, to Zero and homgeny. In the hissing
of hailstorms and riot of wind, the breath
of man for a word. Also swords of the blades
of the steel of the time from industry won.

The beauty in the light and love was the
luck of the living. All that for philosophy.

Understand and stand up, get allowance for
the rights. You are well aware of the facts
of nature and the physicalness in the universe
that in the mind is not. Onions for the weeping
and gnashing of teeth. At the gates, pay the
bill, the price to pay for grace. The pearl of great
price is found among the rice and reed.

Feed on the wishes and dreams. More irritants
among the aunts and ants for orgasm and
orgy in the work of the masterhand. Beware,
they stab you in the back. Watch your back,
do not relax, you do not have eyes in the back
of the head. The feet stand forward. But
continue with the vision of the gorge. The
third eye is in the hindbrain.

93 7




Current mood: melancholy

Thursday, May 10, 2018

7:03AM - Law and means of witchcraft

93 7

Potions, devotion-. All for to abide. Stay where you R.
They do not move anyhow. Rooted in the abyss, the
knowledge lectures and dream works. The dreams never
turned into something real. They were base illusion.

But the play of the twigs in the stream were
beautiful. In the beauty of the kingdom all this was
seen and descried. The luck of the living had the
beauty of the face of my god. The lot appointed,
that clarity about the determination. But the
lands do not supplant always. Often the kingdoms
are left alone. Make way in the pageant, my man.

The boyhood profiteth greatly from the vastness
and the immensity of the holographic minute.

The old times have the germ and spark of the new.
Nature makes no leaps. Yet is the quantum leap
thy leap of faith. Do not answer me, do not
break the silnce. Yet lust after the pleasure
of the night. Drink the French Wine and rejoice
in the contentment.

93 7



Current mood: chipper

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

7:27AM - Molentes

93 7

The silver spoon and the moon shining is some
triumph in the flame and fury of the fire of the
aeon. Blaring and roaring and the thunder of
destiny. Halt for a pause and think of the moment,
there here and now. The way has been long and
winding- The winding roads have not always been
smooth. Yet always you devoted to the assimilation
of the meaning and information. The metempsychosis
intruding are the jolts and nudges. No one has
ever seen the accomplishment of man in its
totality. The works all fall short or are in
cipher for comprehensive view of all. The beauty
in thy lust is the luck of the living since
Turkey spoke- The philosophy also had luck.

In that bliss abide and have thy share in the
portion at the table of knights and noble hearts.
Mind thou the sparks of ligth flying in the
vision of the vault and gorge. All you needd
is a simple reminder.

93 7





Current mood: intimidated

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

7:31AM - Holy Calvary writ for the little countenance.

93 7

But watch him now, going down. But he is
handsome and arty to no end. In the marvels
of mind, I find thy treasure of the unconscious
memory. The years gone by, merry sparks of light
to thy perfection. When the way is clear, some
mode is apparent. In the beauty of glory yet
some devilry. The luck of the living was the
philosophy of the beast this year. The being
pernicous drunk on French wine enhances the
shrine of light in the lagneia of his will.

Not for ill, for good. In good sooth, none
is like unto the potion of that brew. More
purity, for the thought of beauty in all.

The laws of the state are one thing, its very
splendour and glory quite another. But since
quite a while, no more reasonable message.
only glittering glamour of quidity.

Live on the memories and the established
corpus of the works of history.

93 7



Current mood: jubilant

Monday, May 7, 2018

6:59AM - Messengers of peace in immortality

93 7

Coming up orally and speakingly, is absorption of
many words of mouth without the integration into
the desires and esteem needs. Loose flourishing
and the impression, he would not learn, improve
and increase. Increase not upon him, O thou
dispersion. In the beauty of philosopphy was the
luck of the living for the beauty in pain.

The butterfly network had meme information with
the spring. The dark sides of the moon are very
lusty at times. After the bright sparks at the
black stones, also strong reed in the wind of
change. The changes wrought, a different picture.

Will you recognize yourself? Try harder with the
tempered steel in the sword times of battle and
combat. Create the cross that you must bear
in the universe that as yet is not. Open wide
the gates. Grace on all.

93 7










Current mood: full

Sunday, May 6, 2018

8:06AM - The work master on a work day

93 7

But with the terms the chain of systems fell.
Talk is cheap. The gold is precious. But the
silver ray of light struck thee with moonlight
of lunacy in the shriek of the mandrake.

Uprooted the ancient trees in the modernism
of the times. Rhymes for the entertainment.
Beyond that the diagnosis. But that is too
medical too be of use to man. There is but
hope and help in man. Man can. The moon in
thy day has light and beams from gleams
of the spectres. The cold walls have moss.

The beauty in that the beauty thereof.

The luck of the living was but the
philosophy in love to the bond of pagan
Barbarians. The system has method to the
madness and vanity. Idle people and the
uninformed opinions generate the meaning
in the times.- But go on- The pageant has
triumph in the swamp of the sorrow for
the strong reed in the wind of storm.

The gates open with the bread of corn
to be strong in the world. By the sparks
of the gleam is glory and brightness for
the hope in the heart. Be smart. The ordeal
and uncertainty is but quantum mechanical-.
You feel proud but you need a next step
in life. The means be omen for truth in
the call of divine wisdom.

93 7






Current mood: depressed

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